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gripper actif wig


The secret to how soft and silky the hair on the Follea Gripper Actif wig feels is down to the way the hair is processed. The slightly heavier weight per strand has a partially removed cuticle and this sets Follea apart from their competitors.


European processed hair with the cuticle partially intact.

Fully hand-tied cap with an extended lace front and silk top.

Double lined back for extra durability.

Medical grade silicone lines the perimeter of the cap and across the back of the head for superb security even for the most active wearer.

Bleached knots on darker hair colour styles.

available lengths

cap construction

1. Soft lace front that extends past the temples

2. Silk top with hidden knots for a flawless parting.

3. Fully hand-tied cap that's double lined for durability.

4. Medical grade silicone perimeter for security and comfort.

5. Adjustable stays in the ear tabs and nape areas.

6. Polyurethane crescent at the top of the head.


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