5 things NOT to do with your follea gripper wig

5 things NOT to do with your Follea Gripper wig ...

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5 Things NOT to do with your Follea Gripper Wig

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When your new Follea wig arrives it's not unusual to go through a whole heap of different emotions.  Understandably you're excited to have your new wig arrive but at the same time there can be a whole other side to your feelings on this.

It's not at all unusual to start to feel some new hair anxiety start creeping in too!

Let's be honest here, you have just invested a good amount of money in yourself with your new Follea (congrats by the way, you totally deserve it!)

Now that your Follea wig has finally arrived it's pretty common to start worrying a little about how to care for this gorgeous creation you hold in your hands ready to put on your head. 

I'm sure there are plenty of fantastic blog posts out there on what TO DO with your Follea Gripper Lite but what about what NOT TO DO with it?

I'll be covering the "not to do's" in my blog post today ...

Why is this specific to the Gripper wig?

The Follea gripper Lite and Actif wigs are made in a different way to the Style, chic and Grandeur wigs.

The way in which the caps are constructed and, also, in how the wigs actually wear on the head are different. For example, the ear tabs on a Follea Gripper Lite or Actif wig do tend to sit slightly higher than the Style, Chic and Grandeur (or any other branded wig for that matter!) and this is kinda' a big thing when you're not used to it.

So let's jump right in to today's blog post!

Follea gripper lite wig available at aspire hair uk

1 -Ear tabs - don't tug!

OK, so you know how when you pull on a wig you use the ear tabs to position it on your head (ear tabs are kind of like the indicators that you're wearing your wig straight and not wonky) Well, by all means use the ear tabs for the usual purpose but please, PLEASE do not repeatability tug and pull down on the ear tabs so they sit lower.

The Follea Gripper wig is designed to sit that little bit higher at the ear tabs as it helps give the cap it's structure and security.

By repeatedly pulling and tugging down on the ear tabs you are putting a great amount of stress and tension on the lace front which will cause you problems later down the road. 

The Follea Gripper wig is tough, but it's not indestructible.

2 -Lace front - don't trim back too far!

Excuse my less than perfect artwork here but do you see that little thread that's curved around and gathered in the corner?

Well that little piece of thread is actually silk thread and that stuff's pretty strong!

Follea sew this along the entire length of their lace fronts to help the lace front sit flat past your temples. Over trimming the lace front can result in cutting too close (or even in some cases) cutting through this thread making your lace front do all sorts of strange things at the temples.

follea gripper lite wig lace front

3 - don't rely on the hair fairies to brush out your follea!

I don't want to be a nit-picker here and you may even read this and think 'what!, I'm not stupid I do know how to brush out my own wig' and hey, I would have thought exactly the same thing as you had I not started working in this industry but ...... I'm afraid it's true, some ladies genuinely do think that because they are wearing a wig they do not have to take the time to brush it out a few times a day.

No wig is self brushing.

It requires TLC and that includes brushing, combing and sometimes even teasing out the odd tangle that's managed to work it's way in to your day (and your hair!).

4 - don't go out unprotected!

follea wig care blog

When the sun's shining we reach for the sunscreen, dig out our sunglasses and take the the precautions necessary to protect ourselves from the suns harmful rays.

The same should be applied to your Follea wig. Grab a big sun hat, ensure you use products that offer protection and be prepared to protect your investment to avoid excessive colour fade.

5 - don't keep it in the box!

It sounds crazy I know but I have seen this happen on more than one occasion.

It goes right on back to the dreaded new hair anxiety (I really do need to write a book on this as it's a real thing!) and it's not uncommon for you to feel some anxiety when it comes to wearing your Follea for the first time and heading on out in to the big wide world (or even a quick trip to your local Tesco) with her.

As a Follea wearer myself I totally get it!

The first trip out, the first wash and blow dry (or air dry, that's cool too), the first anything in your new Follea Gripper wig takes her from brand new to not brand new any more and that's kind of a strange feeling.

It's exciting but also a little bit sad for some people.

"But she will never be new again!" I had a customer once cry down the phone to me,

Well, that's true. But you know what's even better than it being brand new? It's her being yours.

Emma Marie Jones
A wig addict based in the U.K with no intention of changing <3

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