About us

Let me tell you about my story .. 

My story started way back in 1995 when I was brushing my hair one day and discovered a bald patch.

My story makes us unique.

I started Aspire Hair because it was a change I wanted to see happen in this crazy old world of wigs and added hair. All through my teens and half of my twenties I struggled with my alopecia and dreaded when the time came for me to go and purchase my "new hair".

I felt like I was a bit of a pain in the bum to my local wig store.

I always felt rushed.

I always had the worst anxiety.

I always came away unhappy with my purchase.

I set up Aspire Hair back in 2010 and am very proud to have created a little space of positivity in our Wig boutique based in Sheffield, U.K.

Our Mission

We're a small team here at Aspire and that's what makes the experience of working with us so personal. My mission is to take away all stigma and fear when it comes to wearing a wig or topper and help other women experiencing medical related hair loss such as alopecia or hair loss due to Chemotherapy treatment feel beautiful and confident again.

Our Location

Find us at The Lifestyle Centre, Room 6 and 11, High Street, Beighton, Sheffield, S20 1HE.

By appointment only.

Please call us on 01246 432 145 to book your FREE no obligation consultation. 


We're here to help you at every stage of your hair loss and hair wearing journey.