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Our Top 3 things to Do When you First Start losing Your Hair ...

Let's get real for a moment. Losing your hair is never going to be all unicorns and rainbows. When hair loss strikes unexpectedly (as is often the case with conditions like alopecia) it can be a very stressful and terrifying time. I want to share with you my top 3 things to do when you first start losing your hair. These are 3 things that I wish I had been advised on all those years ago (over 27 years to be exact!) when I started losing my own hair in handfuls.

“Change what you can, manage what you can't.” ― Raymond McCauley

The 3 things I wish someone had told me when I first started losing my hair.

1. Seek Medical Advice: The first step in managing alopecia is to see a dermatologist or trichologist who specializes in hair and scalp disorders. They will perform a thorough examination of your scalp and hair and may order blood tests to determine the underlying cause of your hair loss.

2. Consider Hair Loss Treatments: Depending on the severity and type of alopecia, your doctor may recommend various hair loss treatments, including topical or oral medications, low-level light therapy, or hair transplants. It's important to keep in mind that hair loss treatments may not work for everyone, and the results may take time to show.

3. Embrace a New Hairstyle: Losing hair can be difficult, but it’s important to embrace your new look and find a hairstyle that makes you feel confident and comfortable. Consider trying a wig, hairpiece, or hat. You can also opt for a short hairstyle that emphasizes your features and shows off your bold and confident personality.

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Often when we first lose our hair or are in the process of losing it, it can be difficult to even consider wearing a wig. We've put together a selection of light-weight, easy to wear and natural styles for you to take a look at below.

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