Top tips on how to wear a wig and feel great.

3 ways to ensure you look and feel fabulous in your wig ....

Wearing hair is not something that everyone finds easy.

If you’re new to the strange and wonderful world of alternative hair then no doubt your heads spinning with all the fancy terminology.

Lace, silk, mono, PU, silicone!

I could go on and on. What many clients don’t realise is it’s not their job to know all the ins and outs it’s a job for their alternative hair specialist. Let us bear the burden of all the technical stuff and you relax and concentrate on the following …


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does it feel right

Comfort is important. You can have yourself the most beautiful wig in the world but if it is too small, too large or leaves your head feeling tender and sore at the end of the day then adjustments need to be made. Your alternative hair specialist should ALWAYS check the fit of your wig before you leave the store. I call it ‘tickling the ears’. It’s important for me as a specialist to feel for myself how the wig is fitting my client.


do you feel good

It would be unrealistic to expect a hair wearer to feel an instant transformation in their confidence as soon as a wig is fitted.

It’s a scary time!

Even if a client has been wearing hair for years even trying a new colour or cap type is daunting.

What I look for in my clients is that small twinkle in their eye that tells me they are a little excited by the possibility the style I’ve suggested to them gives.

The fear of something different will more than likely always be there deep down in most ….. but it’s that split second when i observe one of my clients and I know that they quite like the idea of this colour, style or cap.

So ask yourself. Do i feel sassy?


is my forehead the right size

When I first lost my hair and I started wearing hair I fell into the terribly unfortunate habit of wearing my hair a good inch (or more some days!) lower than nature actually intended.

I felt it gave me more security which is not surprising  as the wig store i went to back in the day couldn’t have cared less about a good fit for me.

So i walked about day after day looking like …. well, looking like i was wearing a wig.

So ask yourself this right now.

Stop reading my blog (just for a few seconds, don’t forget to come back!) and go find a mirror.

Ask yourself this

“How big is my forehead???”

It should be around 3-4 fingers width from where your eyebrows are or should be if you don’t have them any more.

If your forehead is the correct size congrats!

If not, then you need to be moving your hair back a little.

If you move your hair back (giving you the correct forehead size) and find that your alternative hair is no longer secure then you need to be considering if your wig is the right fit.

Did your alternative hair specialist ‘tickle your ears’ and position your hair correctly for you?


is this the right look for me

It’s so tempting after losing our hair to want super long super thick tresses!

But in day-to-day life this isn’t always the best look.

Not only is it not the best look but also super long alternative hair tends to be something you have to work hard on to maintain.

If it’s synthetic fibre it will succumb to the awful fate of friction damage faster, if its super long and if its human hair you’ll find yourself spending a good hour or two washing, blow drying and styling your hair.

If your up to the challenge with longer length human hair wigs then good on you!

The point I’m trying to make is your everyday alternative hair should be manageable.

So there you have it 

My top tips 

Do you have any tips you can add?

Happy hair wearing everyone!

big hugs emma

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