5 Items every Human hair wig wearer should own.

5 Items every Human hair wig wearer should own.

What's in your essentials kit when it comes to alternative human hair?

I wanted to share with you today my TOP 5 items that I'd recommend every alternative human hair wearer should own.

A good quality hair brush.

This one really is an essential for both human hair and synthetic wigs! A fabulous brush keeps the hair smooth and silky without the risk of damaging the hair / fibre and base of your wig.

My favorite brush is a paddle brush that has a cushion base to it. You can find these in store with us or from boots / primark etc.

Follea Care Head and Clamp Set

'I can find them cheaper than this!' I hear you cry out!! Well, I'm sure you can, I can too as I'm an extreme bargain hunter. Let me tell you MY experience with cheaper care heads and clamp sets .....

WARNING - EXTREME SARCASM TO FOLLOW (in a fun, no offense kind of way of course ...) 

  1. For a mere fraction of the price of the Follea Care head set you can get yourself a fab alternative that is over sized and will stretch out the cap of your wig making it a slippy, slide mess
  2. For a mere fraction of the price of a Follea care head set you can get yourself a set that allows you to attach using the clamp for 5 minutes ..... before it breaks and snaps very possibly cutting your finger whilst you try prising it from your work surface causing damage, a painful finger and one very disgruntled hubby.
  3. TRUE STORY. This actually happened to me!
  4. For a mere fraction of the price of a Follea care head set you can get yourself a totally cool set that your kiddo or yourself (If you're clumsy like me) will accidentally drop and BREAK. 

OK so I'm being a little sarcastic (I did pre warn you ...) but I think you get the point.

A bargain is great and I'm all for a bargain. But when quality is important it's always best to pay a little extra for something that's going to last you and bring as little drama as possible to your everyday life. 

The correct shampoo and conditioner

I swear by Goldwell dual senses rich repair shampoo and conditioner. This is a brand recommended by Follea and I have always got along very well with it.

Good quality round brush

Ahhhhhh the dreaded round brush.

Did anyone else 'borrow' their mums round brush as a kid and get it stuck in their hair?

Perhaps it was just me who got myself into that tricky situation!

A little education in using a round brush never hurts so head on over to Youtube (after you’ve finished reading this blog post, obvs) and search for some quick and easy tutorials.

You can pick a round brush up for around £4.99 from a beauty supply shop or boots / Primark / Tesco etc. You can pick them up pretty much anywhere these days. 

Sectioning clips

The last essential item on my list. Good old Sectioning clips. Use these little gems to section off hair when your blow drying your human hair wig out. 


To create the perfect straight / wavy / curly blow dry just secure your human hair wig onto a Follea care head and work in small sections starting from the nape and working your way up. Remember to wait until the hair is 70% - 80% dry before you start to blow dry! Blow drying wet hair with a round brush is just a waste of your time and energy. Human hair won't start to hold a style until it's dry (or almost dry), heated and then allowed to cool for the style to set. 


The hair grip band has been added to this list as a little extra and if you’ve never tried one before then I would highly recommend you give one a go!

They keep your wig nice and secure on your head and also keep you nice and comfortable through the day. You can find them available to purchase on our website here.

So there are my 5 essential items that I think every human hair wig wearer should invest in.

Do you have any items you'd add to the list!? I'd love to here what you think in the comments below.


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