Alopecia and Eyebrows – How I like to do mine.

Alopecia and Eyebrows – How I like to do mine.

One of the things I miss the most after living 25+ years with alopecia universalis definitely have to be my eyebrows.

I can quickly and easily use an eyeliner to make me eyes look more awake and shapely as I don’t have any eyelashes of my own but when it comes to eyebrows they have always proved to be more tricky for me.

Drawing them on level for one thing has always been a task in itself! I’m a chronic perfectionist so you can imagine how hard I find it to give myself some grace and take on the mindset of “done is better than perfect”.

Today I thought it may be helpful to share with you how I like to do my eyebrows right now after YEARS of trying out different methods and products. Read on to learn more!


My favourite products

  • I am absolutely in love with 4d brow transfers! They take a little getting used to putting them on straight but once you’ve got the hang of it they’re fantastic and so realistic.
  • I use the dark brown shade over the top of my 4d brows to give them better staying power on my fussy oily skin!
  • Brow felt pen style eyeliner. I use this to add in any extra “hair strokes” I feel are needed on the ends of each brow.

Using all three of the above products really does go a long way in making my 4d brow transfers last so much longer. If I just use the transfers they will last me 2 days, tops! When I put on a thin layer of Wunderbrow over the top they last me 5-6 days which for me is total bliss from having to re-do my brows every single day.

How do you like to do your brows? I would love to hear your tips and tricks in the comments below.


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