Autumn wig care tips (human hair and synthetic fibre) ...

Autumn wig care tips (human hair and synthetic fibre) ...

tips on wearing wigs in the winter

How to make your hair last longer through the colder months ... 

If your new to wearing hair then it might come as a surprise that wearing hair during the Summer months is totally different from wearing hair through the Autumn and Winter months and not for the reasons you may think!

Obviously, wearing hair in the Summer can make you feel a little warmer and wearing hair in the Winter is not quite as warm but another thing to keep in mind is that human hair and synthetic wigs that are below shoulder length will wear much faster during the Autumn and Winter due to the type of clothing we wear.  

So, with the above in mind let me share with you my top tips on keeping your below the shoulder length wig in good condition during the colder months ...  

wear a low ponytail in your wig

The ponytail – During the colder months we wear collars / coats and scarves a lot more and what this does is create friction in the nape area of your wig. With human hair wigs you may notice this as an increased been to comb through and de-tangle that area and with synthetic wigs you’ll notice the same need for increased de-tangling but after you de-tangle you’ll notice the ends of your hair feel more coarse than before.

Pulling your hair back in to a low ponytail with keep your hair nice and neat and will reduce the build up of friction.  

Use the correct products – Using the correct products on your human hair or synthetic wig is always a good idea year round but I would recommend increasing the amount of product you use during the colder months.

For example, Jon Renau have created a fantastic product for synthetic wigs called HD smooth fibre spray and it is an absolute God-send! I always recommend using this product with every wear on your synthetic or heat resistant wig but during the colder months try using it before and after each wear. It really does make a difference!  

Part your hair through the back – If you are wanting to wear your hair down to go out shopping or walking then why not part your hair loosely down the back and pull your hair forward over your shoulders.

By doing this you are reducing the amount of friction your wig is generating against your coat collar and making it easier on yourself when it comes to de-tangling.  

tips on caring for your synthetic wig blog post

I hope these little tips will help you better manage your synthetic or human hair wig through the colder months. If you enjoyed today’s blog post then be sure to sign up to my FREE fortnightly newsletter below and you’ll never miss another Blog post from me! 

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Thanks Emma, useful tips. I tend to wear shorter styles but the problem I find with thick scarves and collars is that it gets pushed up. Uncomfortable and awkward to adjust discreetly! Any advice?

Caroline Charnley

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