Aspire hair blog - awkward wig questions we get asked and how to handle them.

Awkward wig questions we get asked as wig wearers and how to handle them ...

Awkward wig questions and how to respond aspire blog post

Feeling awkward?

I'm going to be honest.

I very quickly drafted out this blog post a couple of months ago with all good intentions of getting it all wrote up and scheduled to go out to my readers today but then life got in the way in a massive way

On the 11th July my Dad passed away and everything in my head went in to a total spin. I had spent the last 6 months seeing Dad almost every day and helping with his care (we knew he was sick, he had COPD) and as well as it suddenly dawning on me that I was never going to be able to talk to my Dad any more I also suddenly felt, well, a bit useless I guess?

So this blog post then went on the back burner and when I did eventually wrap my head around sitting down to write it again my mind was blank.

I don't mean like 'oh I can't think of the words' I mean full on nothing was in my head and that started to really stress me out.

I mean, my head is usually always full of ideas.

So full of ideas that it often drives me to the point of near insanity!

This feeling? This was new. And I didn't care for it. Not one. little. bit.

Please do bear with me with this one. It may come out a little scrambled but I hope that, if you're reading this, and you're struggling with alopecia / hair loss you do find it helpful.

When you get asked "those" questions.

So, you've lost your hair EVERYWHERE then? (said whilst looking down toward your nethers ...)

awkward questions on alopecia blog post by aspire hair

This has got to be one of the most awkward questions I think anyone has ever asked me about my alopecia.

I mean come on, who in there right mind would actually ask this! I'm not talking about your best mate or your mum here. I'm talking about that old school friend who you barely even spoke to back in the day or the guy at the co-op or even (I swear to god this once happened to me) the BT man coming to fit the new phone line in your shop!.


It's almost laughable (if it wasn't so horrifically inappropriate!) but this question can be a common one for us ladies with Alopecia universalis (total scalp and body hair loss).

How is one meant to answer this? Well, of course each person is different but for me I have the same set response for most awkward questions and my response to this little gem of a question is this ...

The only person who will ever know the answer to this question is my husband.


Move on.

I bet you get really hot and sweaty under that wig!?

Let's be honest. Any question regarding your hair loss is going to be an awkward one if you are still trying to adjust to it all.

A lot has changed for you and taking as long as you need to adjust and reframe your thinking is totally normal. Spending numerous days tucked up under your duvet feeling sorry for yourself is also normal. You're entitled to this. Alopecia sucks when it first strikes!

I bet you get sweaty under that wig - alopecia blog by aspire hair

One question that always used to get me all hot and sweaty was "oh my god! I bet it's horrific wearing a wig and I bet your head is all sweaty under there".

Now, some could take offence to this question. I mean, some half random person you barely know has just accused you of being sweaty headed.

Honestly? I try NOT to get offended by peoples questions. 99% of the time they are just genuinely curious and I see this as a great way to educate others. There is always that 1% of the time where they're just, frankly, been an idiot. The best way to deal with those one percent, the passive aggressive kind of person that will then make it all about your over-reaction to a "harmless question" is to to keep your answer short, sweet and emotional-less.

"Nope, not really!"

Oh my GOD, I'm so sorry! Did I offend you? 

Argh ... Bluntly put? This comment really pisses me off. Not when it's said with genuine concern but when it's said in that over dramatic, whiny, let's say it so loud that EVERYONE within a 10 mile radius hears kinda way.

When someone says it in that really loud, over dramatic way I tend to think that they are trying to cause some kind of stir emotionally from me and that makes me question if I really want to be talking to someone who likes creating that feeling and drama etc.

did i offend you alopecia blog post by aspire hair

My answer?

To the genuine person asking - No not at all! Please don't worry about that I'm not offended.

To the arsehole person asking - God no. I'm way too comfortable in my own skin to be offended about something I have absolutely no control over. (say this even if they just made you feel like crap. Don't let anyone think they have the power to upset you that way).

I could go on forever with the awkward comments and questions I'm sure we all get regarding our hair loss but I know you're a busy lady and you don't have all day to sit here and read ;-)

I'm going to say that this post is one to be continued ...

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