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Diary of a wig addict Podcast coming soon! ...

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Long time no blog gorgeous lady. I wanted to rustle up a quick blog to let you know that, after years of procrastination, I have FINALLY set up our very first Podcast show! Exciting right?

Cath and I have so much to talk to you about and we are planning on the show being a beautiful mix of practical tips, mental health check ins, mindset building and, of course, lots and lots of chit chat about wigs and toppers.

We would absolutely love to hear from you!

What topics would you love us to talk about on the new Podcast show gorgeous lady? Feel free to pop us across a message on our FB or Insta page or even pop us across an email and let us know! 

We really want this show to be something that helps and supports you and also a safe place to come and listen and know that you're not alone in this because you totally aren't!

We wanted to let you know that episode 1 is coming soon!

Our first episode on the Diary of a wig addict Podcast show will be published really soon so keep your eyes open for it.

For Episode one, Cath and I will both be speaking about our own personal experiences with hair loss and how each of us struggled but ultimately overcome many hiccups along the road with acceptance and also wearing hair! 

We Just know you're going to love this episode so much because, as a women who has lived with hair loss for over 27 years now, I personally know what it feels like to feel scared, anxious and all alone in this. 

We're here to remind you that you're not alone, gorgeous lady.

My hairloss experience podcast episode 1

Join us & never miss an episode!

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