Easy Summer style for your human hair or synthetic wig ......

Easy Summer style for your human hair or synthetic wig ......

Easy summer style for your human hair or synthetic wig

Style Class: Easy Summer style for your Human hair or synthetic wig ... 

Just because you wear a wig doesn't mean you have to play it safe when it comes to experimenting with different styles in your alternative hair.

Inspiration for hair styles are literally all around us! Pinterest, for example is an amazing place to grab tons of inspirations for literally anything you can think of.

A word of warning when it comes to Pinterest though ..... It's very easy to lose a good couple of hours browsing this site! Seriously, there is so much to look at that one minute it's 7pm and the Sun is still shining and the next minute you suddenly look up and realise you've been sit in the darkness so god knows how long and you realise it's 9pm!

The style I decided to share with you today is so simple my 11 year old can do it. My 11 year old is pretty savvy though so maybe she's not the best example I could have used (I have to write that in case she's reading - love ya Minky!)

OK, so honestly, my Husband could do this style. It's really easy when you break it all down and the end result is pretty fancy!

Check out my easy video tutorial below.

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