How thinning out my wig made my life so much easier!

How thinning out my wig made my life so much easier!

how thinning out your wig can make all the difference

I'm all for making life easier ... 

Life can be crazy enough without having to get through your day fighting with your wig.

Can I get an Amen!?

Seriously though, some of the wigs I've worn over the years (my Follea would be a good example of this) are fine just as they are. The hair texture mixed with the overall density of a Follea wig or Topette is very silky and light-weight. There really is very little I find I have to do to my Follea wig when it arrives to make her wearable and (more importantly) easy to wear day to day.

Aspire hair customer wearing a Follea Gripper lite wig n colour 6020

You see, how thick (or thin) your wig feels to you whilst your wearing it and going about your daily life really does have a massive impact on everything you do. Too thin and you'll spend your day concerned that the base is visable through the hair. Too thick and you'll feel like the wig is wearing you!

My gorgeous customer pictured here is smiling brightly because she had just had her new Follea wig fit and styled. All I had to do at this appointment was blow dry in her parting as she loved the way the layers naturally flicked under.

This is a great example of good, easy to manage density.

Not all wigs are created equal and more often then not you will come across a human hair wig that simply feels way to thivk and heavy. Instead of plodding through each day with a human hair wig that drives you crazy I encourage you to have a think about getting it thinned out.

Here's your truely in my iWig by Erica Luxembourg.

When she first arrived with me she felt full but managable. After the initial first wash the hair did swell quite a bit and I found myself struggling with the density. It was just so darn thick and heavy!

I struggled on for a few weeks with it before it suddenly dawned on me. Just thin the wig out!

Emma from aspire hair wearing her iWig by erica luxembourg in colour 22/9R

Here's a fun fact about me. I am an excellent problem solver when it comes to other people. When it comes to myself? I'm a little slower than average on the up-take! I don't know why that is but I'm pretty sure it's down to a neurological difference ...

By chance, had a free afternoon in the Aspire shop last week and having washed my Iwig the previous day in the shop I was sat looking at her from across the reception desk. I decided enough was enough and pulled out my thinning shears.

It's pretty hard for me to show you on a picture but I can feel a world of difference in my iWig now.

It's easier to manage, tangles less, goes up into a ponytail so much easier and will undoubtedly be so much easier to wash and blow dry.

I took quite a lot out of this with my thinning shears. It was a little shocking how much hair was on the floor by the end of it!

Emma showing her thinned out iwig by erica luxembourg

If you're struggling with the thickness and weight in your own human hair wig then think about having her thinned out. You won't regret it!

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