How to care for your new Follea wig or Topette.

How to care for your new Follea wig or Topette.

Caring for your new Follea wig or Topette doesn’t have to be scary!

So you’ve just purchased your new Follea wig or Topette right? Congratulations you lucky little ducky! I am beyond excited for you and equally as envious as I attempt to save for my next Follea :D

One of the things my customers tell me stresses them out the most is when it comes to caring for their Follea they feel pretty anxious and scared due to the cost of the piece. This is totally understandable and 100% relatable. I felt the same way too back in 2011 when I started wearing Follea hair so I get it!

Today’s blog post contains my top tips on caring for your new Follea wig or topette. A lot of my tips can be used weather you wear a follea wig or topette but some will be more obviously aimed towards the wigs.

1 – Don’t forget to brush.

You Follea wig or topette needs regular brushing. Sometimes it’s easy to fall in to the trap of not brushing your Follea as you’re worried it is ageing the hair quicker but please don’t fall in to this one.

Regular brushing (morning, afternoon and before bed) will ensure your Follea stays looking and feeling wonderful.

2 – Remember to wash every 7-10 wears

The more we wash our human hair wigs the faster it ages right? Well, no that’s wrong! Let me tell you a little story about one of our customers (she won’t mind me sharing this, I already checked)

Our lovely customer Donna got herself in to such a state about washing her Follea wig that she left it unwashed for 4 months. You know what happened? Her Follea wig turned in to a big old greasy mess that then attracted all the dust everywhere she went and ended up a big old dry mess!

We sent her wig back to the Follea factory for inspection and after a few washes and a reconditioning treatment it came back as good as new. Donna now washes religiously every week and her Follea has been going strong (with one additional repair to the lace front) for almost 4 years now I’m happy to report! 

3 – My favourite shampoo and conditioner

I absolutely love the Goldwell dual senses rich repair shampoo and conditioner and use these them washing my own and customers Follea wigs and topettes. 

Years ago Follea recommended a sulphate free shampoo and conditioner but as we all learn more about alternative hair and how it differs from bio hair the more care guidelines get updated for the better

4 – Invest in a Follea care head and clamp set.

Yes, this care head and clamp set is expensive BUT it will last you a lifetime and it is so beneficial. The Follea care head is sized ultra petite so theres no risk of stretching out your Follea wig.

Also, pinning your wig to the care head when washing helps prevent the hair from inverting back inside the cap and it also allows for easy styling.

5 – Gentle handling and care.

Follea wigs have delicate lace fronts that can easily be caught, stretched and frayed out. Never grab hold of your lace front to reposition your wig and always use your ear tabs to life and remove your wig or better still, remove from the nape.

I hope these tips help you in gaining more confidence in caring for your Follea wig or topette.


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