How to cope with wearing your wig out for the very first time ...

How to cope with wearing your wig out for the very first time ...

the first trip out in your new wig can feel scary

How to cope with the first trip out in your new wig ... 

I feel like I speak about this all the time and that’s probably because it’s a very real very important subject for us ladies that wear alternative hair.

Going out for the first time in your new wig or topper can feel very scary indeed!  

You see, one of the things that we want the most as new hair wearers is to be un-noticed in our new hair.

We don’t want people to know that we’re wearing a wig and we certainly don’t want people asking us questions about our hair!  

All we want is to blend in and feel better about ourselves wearing our hair than we do not wearing our hair. Is that really too much to ask?  

I recommend going somewhere that’s not too busy on your first outing in your new hair. That is, of course, if you are feeling a little bit nervous! If you’re not feeling nervous and you’re raring to go then you go girl!  

Let's get going then! ... 

  • Take a walk to your local corner shop and grab the morning newspaper. The walk will help you burn off some of that nervous energy and just imagine how proud you’re going to feel of yourself on the walk back!
  • Book a seat at the local cimema and watch a film. You’ll find going to here works surprisingly well as if you think about it you’ll be sat in the dark almost the whole time anyway! 
  • Grabbing a coffee with a friend is always a great first outing idea. You could go in store and have a chat or even (if you’re still feeling a little nervous) going through the drive through and sitting in the car while you chat! 
  • A trip to the pub can be a great way to start wearing your hair for the first time. Grab yourself a glass of wine while you’re getting ready and go and have fun. You deserve it! 
  • How does a trip to your favourite garden centre sound with a bite to it in the cafe after some shopping sound? I love Garden centres as they are generally quiet and they feel like a lovely safe family type of place. The perfect relaxed first outing for you in your new hair

I hope today’s blog post has given you some food for thought! 

Happy hair wearing lovely lady. 

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