How to get the best from your synthetic wig straight out of the box.

How to get the best from your synthetic wig straight out of the box.

Not all of us are able to go to a wig store and experience trying on lots of different wig styles. Sometimes getting to a wig store just isn’t possible for lots of reasons.

Maybe you’re feeling frightened to go along to that first appointment and would prefer to order online?

Maybe there are no wig stores local to you and traveling is not an option due to family demands?

Maybe you’ve already been to numerous wig stores over the years of you wearing hair and you just want to try something new and have spotted a great wig sale online?

Whatever your reason for buying your new hair online is, and no matter how experienced you are at wearing hair sometimes a new wig will arrive with you through the post and as soon as you take it out of the box you think to yourself “Good Lord! What have I done!? This is NEVER going to look natural on me”.

Read on to discover a few of our favorite tips and tricks on how to make your new synthetic wig more wearable straight out of the box …


Give her a shake.

Seriously! Never under-estimate just how long that wig may have been packaged in the box for. I could have been made and packaged up weeks if not months before it arrives with you and the thing about synthetic fibre that few people know is that it can and will hold the shape of the way it’s been curled up and packaged in that box.

So if your super cute bob seems to be flicking out on one side instead of curling under then give her a little shake and then let her sit a while before deciding that she should go straight back to the store you ordered her from.


Try her on.

Sometime a wig can look a little strange when it’s not on a head so give it a try on and run your fingers through the fibre. See how she feels on your head, around your face, tucked behind your ears, clipped back on one side etc. Shake your head from side to side and check out how secure she feels on your head. If it’s not secure then try tightening the straps in the nape or get yourself a hair grip band for more comfort and security.


Take some photos.

Staring at ourselves in a new wig through the mirror for what can feel like forever is not helpful. Wear your new wig around the house and keep glancing at yourself in the mirror as you pass on by. Take some selfies on your phone and swipe back through them and see what you think.


Position your parting.

I always wear my parting off centre to the left. If I try on a wig that has a centre or off centre right parting you can guarantee that it’s not going to feel right on me! Where you’re used to wearing your parting makes a massive difference to the way you look and feel in a new wig so make sure you position your parting where you prefer it to sit.


Stubborn volume? Try this trick.

New wigs can be really bouncy when they first come out of the box. One of our favourite tricks is to rub your hands together quickly to generate some heat and then press your (now warm) palm down on the top of your wig. The heat of your hands help to set a parting in to position and even tame any extra volume that you’d rather not have in your new wig.


Check out the colour of your new wig in different lights.

Inside outside … have a wander and check out the colour of your new wig under different lighting if you’re not too sure if you like it or not. We encourage our ladies in the shop to do this whilst in store as different mirrors positioned in different places can show your wig colour in totally different ways.


I hope this blog post has been helpful! I know ordering your new hair online isn’t always an easy thing to do but hopefully with the tips and tricks above it will make the experience a whole lot easier for you.


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