How to get the very best fit from your wig - A few tips ...

How to get the very best fit from your wig - A few tips ...

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Wearing hair doesn't have to be hard!

Emma Jones

Owner/founder at aspire hair and self confessed wig addict. 

If you're new to the world of wigs and wearing hair then it will probably come as a bit of a shock to discover that wigs are not a one size fits all kinda thing.  We all have different head shapes and head sizes and this can obviously have an impact on how secure and comfortable your wig feels. 

getting a good fitting wig

I still remember my very first wig back when I was 13 years old. It was hideous. It was one of those wigs that actually looked like a wig!

It was too big for my petite sized head and would often slip and become lop-sided as I tried to go about my day. 

I hated how it made me look and how it made me feel and because the sizing was wrong for me it would often rub and irritate my scalp. 

Transitioning in to wearing a wig on a full time daily basis can naturally take a little time. It can go both ways. The more you wear it the more comfortable and confident you become in it (or not!) as the case may be. 


One of the very first things we do at consultations with our clients is grab a soft tape measure and measure their heads. Knowing your circumference head measurement gives you a great starting point. 

21" circumference is classed as a small

22" circumference is classed as an average

23" circumference and above is classed as large

The above applies to most* off the peg wig styles but some human hair wigs are sized differently depending on the manufacturer. 


head measuring for wigs


I honestly can not tell you how amazing the Hair Grip band is! It provides a lovely little cushion of comfort, helps absorb head sweat and also makes sure your wig doesn't slip or slide! 

We sell a Hair Grip band to 9 out of 10 of our customers who we see at consultation and honestly, I couldn't wear hair without mine now. 


If you're finding that you have a lot of extra room at the brown or back of your wig then It may be worth asking your wig professional for a re-size. 

Synthetic wefted wigs are really easy to re-size by either sewing together the wefts of the cap or even better by removing the extra wefts altogether and re-stitching the remaining wefts on to the crown band. 

Don't be afraid to ask for what you want. We're here to help and support you. It's our job! 

I hope today's blog post has been helpful. Can you add any extra tips down in the comments? 

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