How to keep your Follea Gripper wig "grippy".

How to keep your Follea Gripper wig "grippy".


Absolute MUSTS to keep your Follea Gripper wig “grippy”!

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Back to today's blog post!

One of the bestselling wigs from the Follea collection is most definitely the Follea Gripper Lite wig.

This wig has been specifically designed for women who have near total to total scalp hair loss (alopecia totalis / universalis) as it secures itself to the head by means of a silicone perimeter that “grips” for the most secure fit possible without the need for glues or tape.

As great as the Follea Gripper wig is we have had a few clients come back to us to let us know that the Silicone areas are not as “grippy” as they were when they first started wearing their wig. With this in mind I thought it would be really helpful to pop together a quick list of things that you can do to ensure your Gripper wig remains “grippy” 😊

Ways to keep your Follea Gripper wig “grippy”

  • Make sure you clean the silicone areas inside your Follea Gripper wig after every wear. I like to use a clean damp face cloth and a little shampoo and work in small circular motions and then wipe away with a clean damp cloth. I do this at night usually so she’s all ready to wear the next day.
  • Make sure the stays in your ear and nape are curved ever so slightly towards your hairline in a soft “C” shape. This helps the silicone make good contact with your skin so it can do it’s job. Grip!
  • Be mindful that the silicone areas in your Follea Gripper wig can feel less secure if your head is sweating a lot. Hot days, workouts, running etc all increase the likelihood of your head sweating! An extra and super quick wipe over of the silicone areas after exercising will help you feel fresh and secure again.
  • Try and avoid using baby wipes on the silicone areas of your Follea Gripper wig everyday as baby wipes tend to have moisturisers in them that can build up on your silicone and have an impact on how grippy it is.
  • If a build up on sweat, make up, oils, grease etc has built up on the silicone areas of your Follea Gripper wig then I like to take an alcohol wipe (eye glasses wipes are great for this!) and gently clean the silicone using a circular motion. It brings the silicone back up to being “squeaky clean” again in no time at all.
  • Be sure to wash your head each evening using a little mild soap (dove is great to use on sensitive skin). We sometimes forget that our head has been sweating away under a wig all day and it needs a little TLC of it’s own! Doing this daily also helps your wig by having a nice clean canvas to sit on each day.
  • It’s not unusual for a build up of dry skin to develop on the scalp which in turn makes the skin produce more oils to help compensate. All this can have an impact on your Follea Gripper wig gripping securely. Every month or so I use a mild exfoliating face wash on my scalp to give it a deep clean and remove any dead skin cells or oils.


Do you have any additional tips you could add?

I would love to hear them in the comments below 😊


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