How to trim back the lace front on your Follea wig.

How to trim back the lace front on your Follea wig.

Most of the time when you purchase a Follea from us we take care of trimming back the lace front for you. Occasionally we do have customers who are not able to get back to us for a fitting appointment so their new Follea wig is sent out to them with the excess lace uncut.


We do this for a few reasons.

  • We want you to try on the wig first to make sure all is well before anything is cut off the front.
  • We want to make sure the fit is correct and as expected.
  • Should there be any issues with your new Follea we want to be able to return it for inspection or exchange and to do that the lace front must not have been cut.


The above is all well and good but what happens when it comes to you having to trim back the lace front yourself!?

I know it all sounds a little scary but I promise you it’s not.

I recorded a 6 minute Youtube video a few years ago which I hope you’ll find helpful if you’ve just received your Follea wig through the post and now have the task of cutting back the lace front 😊




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