Let me tell you why I love my Rae wig so much!

Let me tell you why I love my Rae wig so much!

Over the years, I have worn LOTS of different wigs. Through my teens, twenties and early thirties I almost exclusively wore long length human hair wigs of varying qualities and never even imagined that I would feel great in a shorter style never mind a shorter synthetic style!

Back in September 2019 I discovered the Rae wig totally by accident.

Don’t get me wrong. I knew this style existed and had done for many years but I had never even considered it to be something that would interest me for myself. I was so used to seeing myself with longer length hair!

I remember the morning I first discovered Rae on a personal level. I walked into the Aspire shop and I was so over heated I could barely stand. It wasn’t the middle of Summer or anything like that, but I had been struggling with my health for a while and regulating my body temperature was becoming increasingly difficult. I was either freezing cold with blue tinged finger and toe nails or having hot flushes, sweating and feeling like I was going to pass out if I didn’t sit down fast.

I walked in to the shop and said a hurried hello to my staff, Louise and Cath, before dramatically whipping off my Follea Gripper Lite wig and rubbing my head in frustration.

“I can’t cope!” I ranted “I’m so sick and tired of over heating like this”.

As I scanned the shop looking for a different wig I could put on Cath pointed out a Rae wig in Rose gold R that had just arrived in the shop and told me to try it on.

I wasn’t wearing any make-up that day so expected it to look terrible on me with it being a short style but as I looked in the mirror and fluffed up one side and then tucked the other side behind my ear I remember thinking to myself that, actually, it didn’t look to bad. Dare I say it even made me feel a little funky!

So there began my love affair with the Rae wig.

Let me tell you exactly WHY I Love this lovely little style by Rene of Paris so much …


  • She’s short! Yes I know I said I wasn’t a fan of short styles but actually the fact that Rae is cut short in the nape makes her the perfect style for us ladies that overheat. Having the hair off the back of your neck really does help keep you so much cooler.
  • She has some length at the front which is great for me as I soon realized that as long as I have some hair over my ears and heading towards my cheek bone I’m pretty much happy.
  • Rae has a lace front which is great as it creates a nice soft and natural looking front hairline. No tell tail signs that she’s a wig.
  • Rae has a mono parting that’s placed on the left so you get an all natural looking hand-tied parting without the expensive of investing in a full mono top wig.
  • Rae comes in a ton of fab colours! My absolute faves are the Rose Gold R and the Pastel blue
  • This wig is trendy for all age groups thanks to it’s asymmetric styling.
  • She’s affordable! So go ahead and treat yourself to a few different colours 😊
  • Rae is a synthetic style so there is no need to spend ages styling her after washing. Just leave her to air dry and when she’s dry she looks like you made an effort with your hair when you actually didn’t! Perfect lazy girl hair if you ask me.


Have you worn the Rae wig by Rene of Paris before? I would love to hear what you think of this gorgeous little style in the comments below.


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