My worst procrastination - Wig washing!

My worst procrastination - Wig washing!

wig washing is my worst procrastination

That moment when you run out of wigs to wear ...

I have to admit, I do like to keep a selection of wigs in my collection so I can change my look quickly and easily whenever the mood strikes.

Here's a run down of my alternative hair collection ...

  • My Follea wig - She's my most favourite and treasured piece.
  • My Codi wig by Rene of Paris - This one is synthetic so quick and easy to pop on and go.
  • My Carrie wig by Jon Renau - Carrie has been custom cut by myself and coloured pink so she's definately my bright and fun hair. I wear her a lot more than I first thought I would, probably because she's pink!
  • My iWig by Erica Luxembourg - She's the second to my Follea and I'm having a great time getting to know her.

Despite my Carrie wig being short in length (and fabulously pink!) she is harder work to manage than she looks. I often remind myself that this is exactly why I advise my clients NOT to go super short in the back of their human hair wig unless they're willing to invest a good amount of time after each wash styling their wig.

Carrie takes me the longest to blow-dry out of all my human hair wigs down to the cut!

Anyway, back to the reason behind today's blog post.

Life can be pretty chaotic for most of us but recently I seem to have been rushed off my feet every single day!

We have just recently started homeschooling our 11 year old daughter so I have had to re-plan my entire working week and homelife has become a very different set up too.  

I know it may sound ridiculous but I have been so busy I totally forgot about washing my wigs!

work life balance

Sorry I'm too busy tonight washing my hair! ...

It sounds ridiculous right?

But really, I went to put on one of my wigs this morning and realised that they ALL needed washing.

They were dirty.

The kind of dirty that left no room for debate. They failed the look test, failed the movement test and most shockingly they absolutely failed the sniff test!

self care

One of the lessons that I feel is super important in my daughters homeschooling is learning about self care.

That age old saying of "you can not pour from an empty cup" is so true and hear I am forgetting about my own self care of washing my wigs! Granted it's easier to forget about washing your hair when it's not attached to your head but still ....

So what's the moral of the story?

Don't forget about the very basic aspects of self care. Even when life is messy and chaotic and driving us (quite literally in my case it seems!) absolutely crazy.

Tonight will be a very long evening of wig washing for me in the Jones household. Wish me luck and if someone could remind my husband to keep a steady supply of coffee coming my way all evening that would be awesome!

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