Synthetic wig freshener hack! How to store your synthetic wigs or toppers and keep them fresh.

Over the years I have built quite a collection of wigs that I wear and I tend to store them in their original boxes. Storing them in the box they came in helps keep the dust off them when they are not in use which is definitely a positive.

Some time ago I started noticing that if I had worn a style for a couple of days and then returned them to their box for storage that they tended to get a little fusty smelling when I reopened the box a few or so later to wear that style again.

I always recommend you wash your synthetic wig or topper every 7 – 10 wears but I didn’t really want to start washing my wig after just 2 days of wear so I could store it in the box and it not smell dodgy a couple of weeks later! I’m lazy (I mean, busy!) and I didn’t want to have to make the extra effort!

I was chatting away with Cath one afternoon in the aspire shop and I brought up my little dilemma with my wifft wigs. Cath came up with the idea of popping a scented dryer sheet in each box to help keep the wig fresh.

I gave it a go and I was amazed at the improvement!

Now I always include a dryer sheet in each of my wig boxes when I store my wigs away and it has been a complete game changer for me.

Sharing as I am sure it will be helpful to others reading this!





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