Take a look at my current wig collection faves ....

Take a look at my current wig collection faves ....

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What I'm wearing.

I didn’t settle in to wearing wigs easily. Losing my hair just before I turned my 13th Birthday was one of the most difficult times of my life. I had never heard of alopecia and was horrified not only to discover that it even existed but also that I had it!

I spent 10 years playing it very safe with my wigs. I didn’t want anyone to know that I was bald and that I wore a wig everyday so I stuck with the same style and colour for the best part of a decade.

My confidence in wearing wigs and living as a women with alopecia began to grow when I met my husband and then my confidence in wearing hair exploded when I set up my business back in 2010.

These days I am very comfortable with my hair loss and have some real fun with my wigs. I have learnt to focus on the positives of a situation that I have very little control over. I can’t MAKE my hair grow back but I can choose the wig I wear each day.

Carrie human hair wig by Jon Renau.

carrie human hair smartlace wig by jon renau

I am massively in love with my Carrie wig and have been for quite some time now. If you’re familiar with the Carrie wig by Jon Renau you’ll notice that my Carrie wig looks very different!

I custom cut my own Carrie wig with the help of my friend Cath (she tidied up the nape area for me as I couldn’t get it quite right myself!) and I custom coloured it in Blush pink because, well, who doesn’t love pink hair right!?

iWig by Erica Luxembourg.

My bio hair was naturally wavy and quite thick so my iWig feels very much like my own hair used to before it fell out. I chose rooted blonde for this one but have tweaked the colour over the past few months.

I strongly suspect that she will end up pink one of these days too.

iwig by erica luxembourg

Mood wig by Ellen Wille.

mood prime power wig by ellen wille

I always seem to come back to the Mood Prime power wig by Ellen Wille, especially during the warmer Spring/Summer months.

This super cute bob feels silky soft and is ready to wear straight out of the box for me. Nice and easy!

The hair is a mixture of human hair and heat resistant fibre which gives me the option to heat style if I want to. To be honest I have always worn her ‘as is’ because she just works so well for me as she comes.

January wig by Jon Renau.

I have absolutely adored the January Smartlace wig by Jon Renau ever since she launched a few years ago.

This super cute bob comes pre styled and pre waved and she’s just so fun to wear and very natural looking too.

january smartlace wig by jon renau

Do you have a collection of alternative hair that you absolutely love!? 

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