The Follea Gripper wig - Find out if this wig is the "one" for you ...

The Follea Gripper wig - Find out if this wig is the "one" for you ...

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The Follea Gripper Wig

Emma Jones
Owner/founder at aspire hair and self confessed wig addict. 

I started wearing the Follea Gripper Lite wig back in 2011. It wasn't called that back then and the cap design has undergone some changes over the last few years. 

If you're new to the world of Follea wigs then let me just start by telling you that their hair is the most beautiful and long lasting that I have ever come across. 

It's made using European ponytail hair that is so silky soft and easy to manage. A hair wearers dream! 

follea gripper lite wig

The Gripper has a silicone perimeter so that it "grips" the scalp for ladies with alopecia totalis and alopecia universalis. 

It’s an amazingly secure and comfortable wig that I like to describe as a “second skin”. 

It also has an extended lace front that is soft against the skin and a silk top that gives you the most natural looking parting currently achievable. 

The back of the Gripper lite wig is hand-tied and double lined for durability. 

The only problem I have found with wearing the Gripper wig is that, as I get older and the dreaded hot flushes have started, I do tend to overheat quite quickly in my Gripper wig.

I wanted to write this blog post today from a very real, very honest, very real life wearers point of view. I know I’m not the only lady to start getting all flushes throughout the day so I wanted to make others aware of it.

The thing is, once you wear Follea hair you are spoilt! No other hair type will ever compare long term (don’t say I didn’t warn you!). 


follea actif gripper wig aspire hair

The older I get the more I start leaning more towards the Follea style wig which has just as beautiful hair (the same as the gripper) but with no silicone at the perimeter so it’s much cooler to wear.

I wrote a blog post on the Follea Style wig and why I think it’s a great choice for us more “mature” ladies which you may find helpful. 

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