Why blow drying your human hair wig will make it easier to manage (and how to do it!) ...

Why blow drying your human hair wig will make it easier to manage (and how to do it!) ...

how to blow dry your human hair wig

One of the things that you really do need to learn when you get a human hair wig is how to do a good blow dry on it.

It doesn’t have to be a fantastic out of this world the best ever kinda’ blow dry but it will benefit you massively if you know how to do a basic blow dry using a round brush.  

Human hair wigs are great for a number of reasons. They allow you to totally customise your look with cutting, heat styling and colouring and they feel more natural against your skin etc. They also can misbehave like natural growing bio hair can! Human hair colour fades over time and the hair will react to the environment and humidity.  

If you can set a side some time after you have washed your human hair wig each week to blow dry it you will have a much easier week ahead of you in terms of it behaving and looking / feeling great all week.  

Today’s blog post is a quick and easy step by step guide to help you learn and practise a basic blow dry on your wig. I hope it helps you!  

Blot your wig with a clean fresh towel

After washing your human hair wig, use a clean dry towel to gently blot the hair to absorb any excess moisture. You don’t want to start blow drying when it is still dripping wet as this will take you longer and wet hair doesn’t take any any shape you try to put in to it anyway.

  Once you have blotted your wig and it is no longer dripping wet, give it a quick and gentle comb through using a wide tooth comb or your Jon Renau specialised wig brush.  

Next you want to get out your hair dryer and set it to a medium heat on full speed and blast blow dry your wig. You won’t be needing to use your round brush (or any brush at this point) in the process. To blast blow dry, keeping the dryer moving down the hair and use your fingers to comb through the hair. 

If you want to create a style with a bit more volume then blow dry up in to the “root” of the hair at the base and down the lengths of the hair also.  .

Once you have the hair at around 80% dry then you can start blow drying over a round brush. 

I like to section the hair starting right in the nape of the neck and start blow drying there first. Grab around a 2” width of the section and place your round brush at the base of the hair section. 

With a little tension, use the smoothing attachment on your hair dryer and work down the length of the section a few times to smooth down the hair and fully dry it. 

How to blow dry a human hair wig

Continue working on the back of the wig in sections until you have dried all of the back. Next move on to the sides and repeat the exact same process on both sides.

Blow drying your wig with a round brush can feel a little fiddly and tricky to start with but you will soon become comfortable with doing this. I have found that blow drying out your wig after ever wash really helps to keep it looking fresh for longer.  

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