Why the Follea Style wig is a great choice for the more mature lady ....

Why the Follea Style wig is a great choice for the more mature lady ....

Follea Style wig

Emma Jones
Owner/founder at Aspire Hair and self confessed wig addict. 

I have always been a massive fan of the Follea gripper wig. Having worn it since 2011 I never fully understood why someone with total hair loss such as alopecia totalis or alopecia universalis would go for anything other than the Follea Gripper wig! 

That was until I hit the age of 35. 

Suddenly I found myself over heating, sweating and experiencing hot flushes and let me tell you that they are no fun at all! 

hot flushes and wearing wigs

As a women experiencing hot flushes, wearing a wig became massively uncomfortable, especially during the warmer months and during busier times at work where I was dashes about after customers left, right and centre. 

My head would sweat so badly the sweat would run down the back of my neck and any excuse I could find to whip off my hair in the shop I'd take just so I could have a few moments to cool myself down a little bit. 

The Follea Style wig is a different construction to the Follea gripper wig in that it does not have silicone at the perimeter. This design minus the silicone is much cooler to wear and so an especially good choice for ladies who, like me have started to experience hot flushes, and also for women who naturally run a little hotter than others. 

The proof is always in the pudding (as they say!) so I would highly recommend you book in with your Follea professional and have a try on of both the Follea Gripper and the Follea Style. 

I always like to have my customers sit in each wig for 20 minutes or so and I also encourage them to have a walk around the shop and move a little to test out each wig as best as possible before deciding between the Follea Gripper and the Follea Style wig. 

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