Wig types! Know your Mono top from your wefted back. A guide.

Wig types! Know your Mono top from your wefted back. A guide.

When it comes to wigs, you’d think that it would be a simple process selecting the one you want. All you have to do is find the right style and colour, right?

Unfortunately there is waaaaay more to it than that!

Lace fronts, Mono tops, machine made ….. it can feel like you’re trying to learn a new language trying to figure out all the different cap constructions.

If you find yourself confused about the different wig types available then read on as this blog’s for you …

Cap sizes.

Off the peg, ready made wigs tend to come in 3 sizes.

Petite, Average and Large.

Petite is generally a 21 inch head circumference.

Average is generally a 22 inch head circumference.

Large is generally a 23 inch or above head circumference.

I found a great video by Jon Renau on Youtube that shows you how to quickly and easily measure your head circumference which you can find below.


Materials used in wigs.

Welded lace front – A lace front is a great option to go for if you don’t want to wear a full or side fringe and want the most natural looking front hairline currently possible. Welded lace requires no glue or tape to sit flat and allows for away from the face styling


Monofilament (Mono) top – A mono top basically means that all of the top section of the wig has been hand-tied. This allows you to place the parting in any position (left, right or centre) and also gives you a very natural look where the hair is parted.

Mono tops generally come in a full mono top or a part mono.



Open wefted back – This type of cap is machine made usually which makes the price of the wig lower. An open wefted back has some benefits in that the cap can be quickly and easily customised in size to suit you perfectly and it can also help you stay nice and cool if you tend to be a bit of an over heater!


Hand-tied cap – A hand-tied cap means that every part of the wig cap has been hand made. You won’t find any open wefting in this type of cap and it kind of “hugs” your head which a lot of wearers prefer. Because this wig cap is all hand made the cost is generally more expensive than an open wefted back cap.


Machine made cap – This cap type is made entirely by machine so is very quick, easy and cheap to produce meaning that the retail price will be lower than something that has a lace front, mono top etc.

This cap type is sometimes called a “traditional” cap as this is how almost all wigs were made years ago though there are many improvements that have been made on this cap type over the years such as velvet lined ear tabs and front for comfort and a general thinning out of the base so it’s not bulky and awful.

Machine made caps are the most affordable type of wig you can get and this cap type works great for short styles like pixie cuts that don’t really need any set type of parting.


The above will hopefully give you a pretty good idea of the different cap types available when it comes to ready made off the peg wig types.

If you have any questions let me know in the comments below!


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