bring more dimension to your hair

  • Exclusive European processed hair.
  • Exposes a natural-skin part for a true-to-skin appearance.
  • Styled with a classic French part lined with softly woven lace for a gently secured top.
  • Same length hair from scalp to ends for a natural, long, layered look.
  • Silk-like spandex with tiny holes barely visible to the eye to prevent hair inversion in the surface area of the cap, for a natural look and feel.

available lengths

8LY / 13" overall length.

12LY / 17" overall length.

16LY / 21" overall length.

base construction

Top - Invisible knots, 100% hand-tied.

1/8" closed lace front.

Natural-skin part for a true-to-skin.

100% handmade part.

Six pressure sensitive clips.

Style - Perfect for a defined hair part.

Ideal for blending with existing hairline or fringe-wearers.

Hair Type - European processed; slightly heavier denier with partially removed cuticles.

Length - 8" overall, 12" overall and 16" overall.

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