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Jon Renau

Easipart HD XL (Heat Resistant Synthetic) - Jon Renau Toppers

Easipart HD XL (Heat Resistant Synthetic) - Jon Renau Toppers

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Easipart HD XL (Heat Resistant Synthetic) topper from Jon Renau is a one-piece volumizer, that adds instant thickness. It clips in quickly and easily for all-day comfort and can be styled with heat to create any look. Available in lengths of 8, 12 and 18 inches. Options for both beginning and beginning-mid stages of hair loss

Jon Renau HD Toppers are designed to give you the power to reinvent your look day after day. Blow dry, flat iron, crimp and curl HD toppers just like natural human hair — the fibers can be styled with heat up to 130 degrees. Perfect for high energy days or haute couture nights, HD toppers can be restyled daily to suit your mood, or worn straight out of the box for stunning, all-day beauty.

* Grey colours available in 8" and 12"

Prices vary due to length and color selected


Hair Type - HD Synthetic (Heat Resistant Synthetic)
Construction - Single Monofilament/ PU Perimeter Application Method - Clip in  Base Size - 3-5.75" x 5"

Lengths - 8" | 12" | 18"

Weight - 1.8 oz | 2.4 oz | 3.0 oz

Colour Shown: Image one 8" 12FS8, Image two 12" 12FS8, Image Three 18" FS6/30/27.

Caring for synthetic wigs and toppers can be quick, easy and stress free by following just a few simple tips and tricks.

  • Always use a wig brush or wide tooth comb to gently remove any tangles from your hairpiece.
  • Fill a sink or bowl with cold water and add a cap full of synthetic fibre wig shampoo to the bowl. Gently agitate the water to foam.
  • Submerge your hairpiece into the water and gentle swish from side to side for a few moments before leaving to soak for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Once soaked, drain the water and rinse your hairpiece under cold, clean running water to remove all the bubbles before gently squeezing the hairpiece to remove the excess water.

your squeaky clean hairpiece can now be blotted with a clean towel and left to air dry.

TIP! We find washing our wig in the evening and allowing it to air dry over night to be very helpful.

Washing your human hair wig or topper can feel scary at first but don't fear as we are here to help!

  • Gently remove any tangles from your hairpiece using a wig brush or a wide tooth comb.
  • We recommend pinning your human hair wig or topper to a care head to wash as washing this way helps to stop inversion of the hair.
  • Using your shower head (or a jug and clean warm water) wet the hair down and then apply a small amount of shampoo to your hands, working it down and through the lengths of the hair. DO NOT SCRUB as this can cause tangles.
  • Rinse thoroughly with warm water and repeat the process using conditioner being sure to avoid letting conditioner settle on the base for too long a period as this can cause shedding of the hair. Rinse well.
  • Squeeze out the excess water from the hair and blot dry with a towel. You can heat dry and style on the care head or remove and leave to air dry if you'd prefer.

These wigs and hair pieces are ordered in direct from the manufacturer in the United States on a per order basis. Please allow 7-10 working days for your order to arrive to your door (though this delivery time is often faster).

If you are purchasing a wig from us due to a medical related hair loss condition such as Alopecia, hair loss due to Chemotherapy treatment or hair loss and thinning due to medication then you are entitled to claim relief from VAT on wigs and toppers. 

For every order you place we require by law that a VAT declaration form be signed and returned to us.

You can submit your VAT declaration online via our website here -
Our online form will take just a moment to fill out.

PLEASE NOTE: False declaration is a criminal offense. We require a completed VAT decxlaration form with every order placed via our website should you be VAT exempt. Failure to return the VAT declaration form enclosed with your order will result in you being invoiced for the VAT.

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